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Don't buy so called Smart TV Box on internet. They are sub-standard. I lost two in one year. Use your Computer, laptop or tablet.
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An Alert for Ebay buyers:

If a seller quickly agree to resend you an item, be careful. He might be trying to pass two months so that you cannot leave negative feedback. So leave the negative feedback and then ask for refund.

Do you know, why Canadian government give you immigration when hundreds of thousands of Canadians are out of work?

Canadian government earns millions of dollars through processing fee and right of landing fee.

Your six months expenses, that you need to bring with you, are a good contribution to the Canadian economy.

Canadian industry needs cheap educated labours; those who are compelled to do every job due to the scare of losing their life savings (shrank in a few thousand dollars).

With this technique, they also force Canadians to work on lower wages.

Don't think that Canadian policy makers are impressed by your marvelous degree or amazing experience.

Canadians need two legged donkeys to carry their luggage, but their policy makers want every donkey to carry a bag with some money in it.

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If You are New in Canada; Get Useful Information and Tips to Start Your Life in Canada

A Guide to Start Your Job Search in Canada

If You are Thinking about Immigration to Canada, then be Informed and Make a Smart Decision

Avoid Shocks and Surprises After Landing Here

This web site is a guide for present and future immigrants of Canada. Immigration is a big step and immigration to Canada is even bigger because in many aspects, Canada is different from most parts of the world; weather of Canada is different, policies are different, working environment is different. Every attempt has been made to show you true picture of life of immigrants in Canada. From this web site you can get information what you are going to face tomorrow after immigration and can avoid shocks and surprises.
Different aspects of immigration and life/challenges in Canada are discussed on different page with ads relevant to the subject of the page. Take your time and study about immigration, living, jobs, healthcare, transport, shopping, weather and so much more. Utilize tips and links to make your struggle fast and on target.
On this website, there is enough information regarding immigration and problems after immigration, still if you have any question about immigration or what you need to do after immigration, feel free to ask.

In addition to that; no matter where you live, you can utilize this site to present your achievements, experiences, photos and articles. You can also share your views, feelings, events, news, jokes, quotes and so on.
You can also place your free ads.

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Violating Law of Nature May Cause a Worst Ever Disaster for Mankind!
The actual issue was of rights of people born without sex orientation, but evils of human society took cover of them and started promoting same sex relationship. That must be discouraged. Men who want to use other men as women must be punished and men who have desire to act as women must be treated for this psycho - harmonic problem. Same thing is true for women. It is not a right, it is an evil just like narcotics, but much more dangerous than narcotics. I don't understand why doctors and psychiatrists are not doing something practical about this issue. If world will keep ignoring this, sooner or later we will face Super AIDS that may not be avoided by condoms and may be much more deadly than what we can imagine. SO WE SHOULD WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
As far as people without sex orientation are concerned, they must be respected just like everyone and they must be given equal rights all over the world. It should be made possible for them to get proper education / training and become a useful part of the society just like all other human beings. I do believe many of them can be treated in their childhood, but may be they don't have money to pay or may be they are unaware of their problem.

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