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Employment for an Alien

It is a big achievement to get a job in Canada and who can understand it better than a person from abroad. Furthermore, this is a time of immense competition, as millions of people have lost their jobs due to the recession. Additionally, the competition is not only in talent and suitability, but it is also in references. In fact, it is not possible to get a job without a reference and how can an alien could have references?

Furthermore, it is not an understandable thing why policy makers are allowing more and more people to come to Canada when so many people do not have jobs. Unfortunately, an ordinary person does not have any control over the policies of the country. It is the beauty of democracy that ordinary people elect the government, but they need to make their own struggle without thinking of flaws in the system. This is known as a free market economy. Here, only the one who is fit in the system, has the right to live with pride. In short, there is no need to think so much as one cannot change the system. In conclusion, one should keep trying to get good references and should keep applying for jobs available on internet.

One Should Have Been Told!

One should have been told that there is nothing free in this world. Everyone will have to pay a price for anything that he or she will desire. If someone wants to be a citizen of a developed country, then there will be a big sacrifice for this status. One will have to lose his professional status which is the pride of any professional. One will be feeling like being striped off. Then the person will be like a naked skeleton dancing in a white valley. For a laminated card, and a sheet of paper, and a greeting letter from Member Parliament of the area, one will have to live without pride and without ego. In short, there is nothing free in this world and everything has a price tag on it. This is a law of nature and there is no exception to the laws of nature.

However, the skeleton should buy new clothes. Gently used clothes are available from Thrift Store, Value Village, and from garage sales. Moreover, a mistake of the past might be a test from nature and one should take it with all his strength. In short, one must adjust in new environment, because the life cannot stop.

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