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Please Don't Garbage Food!
--- Feed Animals

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Tons of food is being wasted every day in every city. Food Chains, Hotels, Restaurants, and common man ---- All are responsible for this wastage of the most important resource of human society.

Common men should buy/ prepare food as they need it. They shouldn’t buy it just because it is on sale or to show their status, because resources belong to society and we do have a right to use them, but we don't have a right to waste them. Secondly, they shouldn’t throw leftover bread, rice, etc. in garbage. They can collect left over bread in an open basket for up to one week in summer and two weeks in winter but rice should be kept in fridge.

City Governments should arrange separate container or big bags on garbage or recycling trucks to collect such food and dump it at separate, suitable places.

Some city governments have arranged separate collection of biodegradable garbage and that material is being used to make Compost. So landfills will receive only non-degradable garbage and that will make these places even worst, as biodegradable garbage was balancing the effects of non-degradable garbage to some extend. In other words, some city governments are spending public money to make these landfills even worst places. These landfill areas are also part of this planet that we love so much, but only aboriginal, black, and poor people live near these areas, so we don’t like to think this way. Furthermore, city governments should spend money on ways to reduce non-degradable garbage instead of wasting money on compost.

If they don’t agree with this logic, even then I would say that it is much batter if we use leftover bread, bun, burger, and rice to extinguish hunger of starving animals, as feeling of hunger is the same for a human and an animal. So these food items shouldn’t be a part of Compost even if they insist to keep running their Compost Projects.

Food Chains, Hotels Restaurants, and Hotels should be asked to arrange separate dumping of such food on their own. Some legislation can be done to bring them on this line of thinking.

Moreover, leftover bread, bun, burger, rice etc can also be processed with animal feed in order to make it useful again. That will reduce the cost of the feed production. So it will be available at a lower price.

Please copy/ paste the above text and send email to your mayor and councillor.

Even if city governments are not doing anything, we common people can make a difference. Please collect left over bread/bun in an open basket ( for up to one week in summer and two weeks in winter) and rice in the fridge. On weekend you can throw it at a suitable place.

Personally, I throw such food near a pond, close to a walkway. On next visit, I don't find even the smallest pice as left over.

Please take action and start sharing your leftover food with starving animals.

I humbly request you to spread the word and share it with your family and friends.

Motto: Don't Garbage Food ---- Feed Animals

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