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Americans are Paying Dollars and are Getting Unemployment, Deaths & Wounds

For peace and prosperity in the world, especially in United States, Americans must learn to live within their resources and within their boundaries.
People of Sweden, Norway, and Holland are living respectable lives with full freedom. They don't need a huge military to bomb any country for their democracy. Then why people of United States cannot enjoy freedom and prosperity without spending blindly on needless shopping and on a huge military.

WarCurrent Year in Billions $ (Daggett)Constant FY2011 in Billions $ (Daggett)American DeathsAmerican Wounded
Korean War (1950 -1953)30 341 36574 (Leland)103284 (Leland)
Vietnam War (1965 -1975)111 738 58220 (Leland)153303 (Leland)
Persian Gulf War (1990 -1991)61 102 383 (Leland)467 (Leland)
Afghan War (2001 - Continued)297 321 1482 (Griffis)N.A.
Iraq War (2003 - Continued)715 784 4438 (Griffis)Official= 32978, Estimated= Over 100000 (Griffis)
Total- 2286 101097-


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From the Keyboard of: Noman Ahmad

That was a strange morning. Sky was covered with dark clouds before the rays of Sun could illuminate the town. Dogs were howling in the town and wolf in the wood. People were worried that there must be some sad news they would have to listen. A servant came out of Mr. Newyork house, walked to the gate in a heavy drizzle, talked to a man passing by, and went back into the house. Just in a few minutes, people started pouring in and front yard of Mr. Newyork house was soon covered with umbrellas. Uninterrupted drizzle was continued above and below the umbrellas. A few collapsed with tears. It was strange that a person, who was a symbol of terror and fear just a few months back, has received so much love and grief on his death.

Fiftyville was a unique town of North America. There were always fifty form houses in that town, since the memory of elders of the town. When some family left the town, a new family came in within a few days and total always remained fifty. People of the town were very hardworking and talented. They were capable of facing difficulties and taking challenges. They were well known for their unity and strength. Newyork, Georgia, Ohio, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Alaska, and Hawaii were the prominent families among fifty families of the town. Whenever there is strength and talent together; there is always a chance of misuse of them. Same sad thing happened to the people of Fiftyville. They started using their wisdom and power to exploit people of other nearby towns. Desires and luxuries became necessities for them and their needs kept growing with time. Michigan family took wood from a village and fixed the price that their grandfather used to pay them. Families of Fiftyville sent robbers in a village and then told the villagers that Fiftyville guards would protect them and they would have to give half of their croups to Fiftyville. So exploitation became their lifestyle and their pride. They had no care about hate and fear that was prevailing in villages around Fiftyville. Life of fear and sufferings looked like the destiny of people of those villages. That devil dance kept going not for months or years, but may be for several decades.

On a day when the sun was shining bright and green crops were waving with the wind, an old man came in the town, riding on back of his horse. Strangely, people of Fiftyville gave him respect. Mr. Newyork gave him place to live in his form house. The stranger had a unique attraction in his personality. May be that was the attraction of purity, sincerity, and love for everyone. In no time, people of the town started considering him as a saint, as a teacher, and as a guide. The stranger observed everything happening in and around the town and then he started his job for which the Creator had sent him in Fiftyville. The stranger explained to them, how needs are different from desires and luxuries. He convinced them on dangerous impacts of confusing desires and luxuries with needs. Magical speeches of the stranger made an impact on minds of people and they started visiting him more frequently to seek advice on each and every issue. So the phase of training of all fifty families started without any formal announcement. Within a few weeks, a clear change was quite visible in temperaments and moods of people. Worry of earning more and more was no more there. People were so skilled and they had enough resources that meeting needs and keeping some for future was not an issue for them. Desires were brought well in control and luxuries were well recognized. People of nearby towns started smelling the change and they began to come out of fear. Days of merciless exploitation were over and there was no need to waste money on security force, “Fiftyville Guards”.

So the ash of hate and dirt of fear washed away. Green crops and blooming flowers were covering the ground everywhere. Smiles and laughter replaced the cries and tears. In a few weeks, that valley of North America covered a long distance from hell to heaven.

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