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Play Games There are three types of accommodations in Canada; Multistory buildings, Town Houses and independent units. Multistory building and Town Houses are controlled by management while independent units are normally of private owners. Some new immigrants take a portion independent units, but for new immigrants, I think apartment is a better choice. Family and friends are the best channel for arranging a place to live. If you do not have one then some building owners have their web sites ( their rents may be a bit higher than others) or you will have to go to hotel after landing, but it is very expensive. While comparing rents, keep utilities ( Hydro; means electricity, heating, air conditioning, gas ) in mind. In some building they are included in rent while in others they are not included.

Do not rush to buy one, unless you have reasonable spare amount for down payment and for a few months installment. You should have two earning family members, as jobs in Canada are not very much secure, so if person loose job the other one can pay the installment.
Low Rent (Rent Geared to Income) Housing is available in most of the cities of Canada, but they have long waiting lists. There is no harm in applying for it.


After Landing Papers, Social Insurance Number is the next most important document you need to live and work in Canada. After landing in Canada, apply for Social Insurance Number (SIN) as soon as possible. Find the nearest Human Resource and Skill Development Office. You can use internet or telephone book; Yellow Pages ( telephone directory ) for this purpose. Make it your habit to refer these two things for finding any information. Free internet service is available at Public Libraries.
SIN Card is legal requirement to work in Canada. Please always take your salary by cheque. Do not work on cash payment, it is illegal. If you will work on cash, you will not have legal rights like Employment Insurance, Parental Leave, and Pregnancy Leave. If you will get injured on work, you will not be able to do any thing against the company and you will not have any type of coverage during treatment.

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