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This is an incident happened to me. Perhaps this may be the experience many other immigrants also had in Canada. I had few more such experiences. But this is the first one coming in my mind. It was on 18th April 2008 that I have landed in Edmonton. I was alone - my family was waiting on their way to come to Edmonton. so immediatly I had to arrange an accommodation. A telephone number for communication was absolutely essential. When I have tried to get a connection they were asking for a credit rating and I was not getting a land line. Then my employer came to rescue . She told me that she has a cell lying in Calgary and with her persuasion Rogers have agreed to transfer it to my name. It was a great relief. One phone in my name only 50 $ cash deposit no credits required. I didn't use the phone to call anyone except that i have been receiving few calls. When I have tried to call some one on 21 May 2008 on 20th day after connection the telephone promptly requested me to contact Rogers as I have exceeded the limit It took 2 hours to get someone online from rogers who accepted the fact that I have exceeded the limit and I must pay 300$ if I have to use the phone. Helpless to do anything I have paid 300$. Same thing repeated after 10 days again I had to pay 187 $. Now I wanted to cancel the connection. I didn't want to pay a major part of my earnings to Rogers. then comes another threat .I have to pay 400$ to cancel the connection. They say that they have published this in their website. With lot of fight Rogers have agreed to change the scheme. Still I am paying huge sum to Rogers. now average 60 $ a month. So far about $ 2000 only for rogers connection Which is almost not used at all


Hi Narayanan,
Sorry about the bad experience. Please be carefull. It is a corporate world. Don't say YES without understanding all terms and condition of the package or any agreement. Here you will keep facing people who will try to trick you in a very civilized and legal way. It is not limited to phone or internet. If you decide to buy a house check if there is already a mortgage taken on that house. You will also face people offering long term agreements for Hydro and Gas, etc. Without credit rating they usually ask for a $100.00 deposit and you will get a land line. I got it from Bell. Now I have a package of Primus. You may compare a few companies to get the best deal. Hope you will not have such bad experiences in future, Take care,


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